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Going Green

Going Green - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
The Swindon College Green Group is made up of representatives from Senior Management, students and staff, who meet regularly to discuss the way forward for the college in terms of cutting waste and making the college more environmentally friendly.

Recent issues which have been implemented as a result of the Green Group's actions include:

  • Lights turned off and doors closed by the cleaning staff across the campus
  • Emphasis on repairing or recycling furniture wherever possible
  • Paper recycling bins next to every photocopier
  • Staff swap shop for recycling/exchanging stationery and other materials
  • Participation in the Swindon Borough Council car share scheme
  • Cycle to Work campaign, which attracted an above average take-up of 2% of staff
  • Installation of software to automatically power down PCs when not in use.

Other initiatives which have been flagged as potential future projects include:

  • More efficient hand dryers
  • Cheaper parking permits for staff and students who car share
  • Eco-themed weeks across college
  • Plastic bottle and aluminium can recycling stations.