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Swindon College

Student Charter

The Students’ Charter has two purposes:

  1. To explain what you can expect when you become a student at Swindon College
  2. To guide you in what we expect of you as a student at Swindon College.

Below is a brief overview of the Charter:

When you become a student at Swindon College

We aim to provide an induction for your study programme and the college services, which will include introductions to:

  • Your course
  • Your tutor/s
  • Learning & Development Centre
  • Students’ Council
  • Students' Charter and student responsibilities
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • IT facilities
  • Attendance, punctuality and disciplinary procedures
  • Health & Safety
  • Careers guidance.

The induction process varies in time and length to suit each individual course.

Teaching and Learning while you are at college

We aim to:

  • Give you a high quality teaching and learning experience leading towards nationally-recognised qualifications which local employers and/or higher education are looking for
  • Give you a clear picture of how and when you will be assessed
  • Keep you up to date on your progress and encourage you to look at your own progress.

You can expect that:

  • Your learning needs will be assessed and, if you need it, you will be offered extra support
  • You will have qualified, friendly and helpful lecturers, tutors and support staff
  • Your classes will start and end on time and you will be informed about any unexpected changes
  • Your lecturers/tutors will help you to learn using different teaching and assessment methods
  • Assignments and assessments will be set and returned with helpful comments within an agreed time
  • Assessments will be fair, the same for everyone and understood by staff and students
  • You will be informed of the College Appeals Process
  • You will have regular reviews and feedback on how you are doing
  • You will be helped to find a suitable work placement if it is required for your course.

In return we expect you to take responsibility for your learning by attending every lesson on time and to complete your course work/assignments on time.