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Work Experience

Sourcing placements for existing college students by working cohesively with the business owners or managers.

Work experience is a placement on an employer’s premises in which a learner carries out a particular task or duty, or a range of tasks and duties, as would an employee, but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the work. 

Once you have agreed to a work placement, a Swindon College representative will visit you at your place of work to complete a standard HSE (Health & Safety Executive) form. If you have already agreed to support a specific learner that’s great – if not then you can be as involved in the selection process as you like.

To meet the needs of individual employers, the length and timing of the placement is negotiable e.g. you could have a learner once a week for an agreed time, or full-time for a week or two during the holidays – whatever suits you best.