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Beauty Therapy

CAREER PATHS: Beauty Therapist, Spa Therapist, Complementary Holistic Therapist and Beauty Clinic Manager.

Practise and perfect specialised skills in Beauty Therapy for a career in an ever-growing industry.

Considered to be one of the best in the world, the UK Beauty sector offers plenty of scope to travel and work internationally – your career could take you from trainee to manager and future business owner anywhere in the world following your training.

Course Title Course Code Length Study Type Start Date
Beauty Therapy Level 2 Diploma Yr 1 of 2 BEF2011 36 weeks per year Full Time 02 Sep 2019
Beauty Therapy Technical Certificate Yr 1 of 2 BEF2021 36 weeks per year Full Time 01 Aug 2019
Level 2 Technical Certificate in Beauty Therapy Yr 1 BEF2031 36 weeks per year Full Time 02 Sep 2019
Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Beauty and Spa Yr 1 BEF3341 36 weeks per year Full Time 02 Sep 2019

Meet our students

Tara Mullins

Level 3

Apprenticeship in Beauty Therapy

"It’s been an eye-opener because beauty isn’t just about doing nails and make-up – it’s so much more than that. There is a lot of theory and science, I’ve had to learn about the bone and muscle structure of the body, and skin types and conditions. This course has also opened up a range of opportunities and pathways for my future."