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Beauty Therapy

CAREER PATHS: Beauty Therapist, Spa Therapist, Complementary Holistic Therapist and Beauty Clinic Manager.

Beauty therapists perform treatments to improve the appearance and wellbeing of clients, helping them to look and feel better. So it’s important that those who work in the industry have a range of specialised skills.

Recognised as one of the best in the world, the UK beauty sector offers plenty of opportunities to travel and work internationally. There are also clear progression routes - from trainee through to manager and business owner. Combined with fantastic work experience and contacts with local beauty therapy businesses, we will equip you with all the experience and knowledge you need to progress into the growing industry. 

Course Title Course Code Length Study Type Start Date
Beauty Therapy Technical Qualification BEF2021 36 weeks per year Full Time 03 Sep 2018
Level 2 Extended Diploma in Beauty Therapy Yr 1 of 2 BEF2011 36 weeks per year Full Time 03 Sep 2018
Level 3 Diploma in Massage Therapies BEF3010 36 weeks per year Full Time 03 Sep 2018

Meet our students

Sweetlena Pinheiro

Level 4

Beauty Therapy Advanced Diploma

"The beauty department has really good facilities and it makes me feel like I am in an actual salon. We work well as a team on the course."