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Business, Computing, Finance And Science career paths

Of those employed in the UK, 11% work in Administrative and Secretarial positions, which is over 3.2 million people, and 275,000 of those are in the South West. The Banking, Finance and Insurance sector is the biggest employer in Swindon. 

Nearly one third of all ICT employment in the South West region is concentrated in Swindon. Vacancies are growing due to skills shortages across the industry. Almost 1 million people are employed in Financial services in England. There are many varied occupations and careers available in this sector and the rewards can be high.

Applied Science (Forensic) is also becoming increasingly popular and there are various job roles within the sector. 

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Sabina Begum

Level 3

Business Diploma

"I got 110% support in my mission to achieve a high grade as the lecturers made it obvious that they were there to help me reach my goals."