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Engineering And Electrical  career paths

Engineering & Electrical

CAREER PATHS: Environmental Engineer, Food Engineer, Sound and Acoustics Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Transport Engineer, Systems Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil/Structural Engineer, Operations and Maintenance, Architect and Surveyor, Building Services.

Engineers design and build the things that make our world go round. Everything from aeroplanes to buildings, comes back to engineering. It’s an exciting, dynamic world of immense possibility.

Engineering is central to a diverse range of businesses and industries, including Space, Construction, Transport, Cosmetics, Medicine, Food, Fashion and much more. Engineering today is closely linked with technology and plays a major role in many technological advances and new device production. 

Meet our students

Jordan Montandon

Level 3

Electrical Installation Apprenticeship

"Swindon College has been supportive. There are great teachers and you can have a laugh with them as well as be serious."