Julie Cracknell

Access to HE - Health Care Professions



Like other school leavers at the time, when Julie left school, she was expected to go straight into work and not worry about higher education. 


More recently, Julie decided to take a risk and change to a new career path, doing something she had always thought about doing: adult nursing.  Julie said,

To achieve my aspirations of becoming a nurse, I had to close my skills gap for entry to a degree programme. The Access course provided the qualifications and skills that I needed to enter a Level 4 programme with progression to Level 6 (BA degree level).


The access course sets out the basics needed to organise, prepare and achieve academically and then builds upon these.  My tutors offered constructive criticism in order to continually improve the work submitted, whilst challenging thinking around different topics. Social interaction is important during study to offer peer support, and the environment is compatible with doing this in the college.


She also mentioned that the additional support such as financial advice, help with personal statements, library and IT systems offer benefits when studying at Swindon College. 

Would I recommend Swindon College?  Yes, but it is essential in whatever institution you choose that you have goals and commitment to learning.


Julie is now just about to complete her Adult Nursing degree at Oxford Brookes and has full-time employment lined up as a district nurse when she completes her registration.