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Gianluca Michienzi

Level 3 - Carpentry (Site) Apprenticeship



Gianluca is on his final third year of a Site Carpentry Apprenticeship Programme at Swindon College.

He joined the programme after completing a 2-year Sports Coaching course. After finishing it, he realised that this was not what he wanted to do.

Gianluca said,

I wanted a hands-on trade to give me practical skills to enter the workplace, and after recommendations from family, I decided to do Carpentry. I chose the Apprenticeship route, as being slighter older than the average school leaver, I wanted to get into employment and be earning while I was training.

Once he has completed his course, Gianluca is really happy to be staying on with his employer James Woodhams, who he says has supported and helped him all the way through the programme.