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Charlotte Lavagna

Level 2 - Plumbing Apprenticeship

charlotte lavagna Apprentice

Charlotte didn’t want to go into work straight after school, or do an office job. She had always liked hands on construction work and when she figured out how much you could potentially earn as a plumber, Charlotte decided to  go to Swindon College to start her journey.

She said:

I knew I wanted to be a plumber since I was 13 and my mum and dad were shocked as I was always a real girly girl. I like being the only girl on the course and I don’t feel at all pushed aside. I would say I am even more pushed forward and everyone treats me as an equal.

Charlotte, who is 18, has clear aspirations for her future:

I want my own female only plumbing company as there are a lot of older and abused women who would feel more comfortable with a female plumber in their home.

She wants to try and get an apprenticeship as a plumber after college so that she can expand her skills.

Charlotte said:

I would recommend Swindon College as there are great facilities and the teachers are good as they treat us like adults and blend in with us.