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Oliver Royall

Level 3 - Plumbing and Heating Apprenticeship

Oliver Royall Apprentice

Oliver Royall grew up hearing stories about his grandad who was a gas engineer from his dad and that then inspired him to do a Plumbing and Heating course at Swindon College.

21 year old Oliver said:

I have been studying there for the last four years and the facilities have been really good. It takes me only 10 minutes to travel in from my home in North Swindon and it was great to just do one day at college and have the rest of the week to be able to be at work.

He plans on staying with the same company, C W Goodheart, as they have been a great support to him and will pay for future exams.

Oliver said:

If anyone wants to get into construction, Swindon College is the place to be.