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Lizzy Webb Case Study - Level 3 - Foundation Diploma Art and Design
Lizzy, 19, is currently studying on the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.
After completing her GCSEs at St Joseph’s Catholic College, Lizzy stayed on to attend sixth form to do A Levels in Art, Design, Performing Arts and French. She decided to come to Swindon College to study for the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design as most universities require you to have a portfolio.
Lizzy says:

The facilities at Swindon College are great, there’s everything you need all in one place. The tutors are really hands-on and give constant feedback, they want to ensure you’ve learnt a wide range of skills.
The college is local to where I live so I’m able to pop in to study independently when I need to which is really handy. The course is fairly flexible so I’ve been able to keep my part time job.

Once Lizzy has completed her Diploma, she would like to go on to university to study Theatre Design.