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Danielle Binder

Ever since she was eight years old, Danielle Binder knew she wanted to be an engineer and now she is 22 she is well on the way to making that a reality.

Danielle started by doing a work experience scheme at BMW called ‘girls go technical’, then through that she told the company about her plans and after a while she got a job and then the apprenticeship at Swindon College.

She said:

I am really enjoying the whole experience. The college is helpful to guide us through the path and I have got to know the staff well. It is also nice when I get to come to work at the BMW plant as I really feel part of the working environment.

When Danielle finishes her apprenticeship at Swindon College in four years’ time, she wants to go on to be a fully qualified technician at BMW.

She said:

There are not so many girls in this industry and I feel like I am in a lucky position.