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Abbie Limb

Level 4 - Beauty Therapy

Abbie Limb

Abbie, 19, is currently on the Level 4 Beauty Therapy course at Swindon College. After completing her GCSEs, Abbie joined the College on the Level 2 Beauty Therapy course before moving up through the levels to Level 4.

Abbie says:

Once I’d finished my GCSEs, I applied to study Beauty Therapy at a few local colleges, I found the staff at Swindon College to be really friendly and helpful so decided to enrol.

The Level 4 is a big step up from the other levels but I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. The resources at the College are really good and I use Moodle a lot at home. I’ve already recommended Swindon College to other people.

Abbie has secured an exciting job as a Beauty Therapist on Steiner Cruise Ships after she completes her course and she starts her training in July before setting sail this summer.

Abbie added:

I’ve always wanted to travel and work on cruise ships. I’m not sure what the destination of the ship that I’ll be on is but I’m really looking forward to the experience.