Tara Mullins

Level 3 - Apprenticeship in Beauty Therapy



Tara originally came to Swindon College to do a childcare course, but decided it wasn’t for her.  She then went on to do Beauty Therapy Level 1 and Level 2, before applying to do the Level 3 apprenticeship.  As this was going to be based in the Salon here at the college, Tara had to go through a full application process and interview, and was successful in being appointed to the post. 


Tara says the beauty courses have made her who she is today, as she struggled with her behaviour in her earlier years, this has made her focus on what she’s doing and she’s found her passion.  She feels much more settled because she is really enjoying what she is doing. 


She says,

It’s been an eye-opener because beauty isn’t just about doing nails and make-up – it’s so much more than that.  There is a lot of theory and science, I’ve had to learn about the bone and muscle structure of the body, and skin types and conditions.  This course has also opened up a range of opportunities and pathways for my future.


The college has got all the resources needed for the course, amazing staff who will help to focus on any issues that a student might be struggling with and a good variety of courses on offer.


This is now a full time job so Tara fits other commitments around it.


The choice of courses will lead to future opportunities.  There is potential to progress if you persevere and it is also a great place to meet new people and make friends.  There is good student engagement across the college.


Tara has her future plans mapped out, from finishing the apprenticeship in early 2020, doing some short courses to supplement her current learning, and travelling the world.  After completing the apprenticeship, Tara’s plan is to work on a cruise ship for 6 months in order to gain experience and travel.  After this, she hopes to travel to countries where she can learn specific traditional beauty therapies, for example going to Turkey to learn about the traditional Turkish baths and treatments there.  When Tara returns she would like to work in a top London spa to get back to a routine of working in the UK, with a plan to eventually open her own spa.