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Business, Computing, Finance and Science

Some 10,000 people are employed in a business role in Swindon and this number is set to rise as demand increases for skilled business people. The banking, finance and insurance sector is the biggest employer in Swindon.

Nearly one third of all ICT employment in the entire South West region is concentrated in Swindon. Vacancies are growing due to skills shortages across the industry.

Sabina Begum

Level 3

Business Diploma

"I got 110% support in my mission to achieve a high grade as the lecturers made it obvious that they were there to help me reach my goals."

Megan Street

Level 3

Accounting Apprenticeship

"Swindon College offers one to one sessions after class, which is a great support.The location is ideal and I like the steady pace of work."

Dylan Smith

Level 3

BTEC Business

"Andrew really helps me and makes my workload manageable. I would recommend the college as it has good facilities and the library is open late."

Charly Hubbard

Level 2

Business Administration Apprenticeship

"I have attended networking events for the company and have also undertaken additional training as part of my Business Admin diploma."

Kaylie Moroney

Level 3

Business 90 Credit Diploma

"I didn’t enjoy studying A-Levels as it was too text book for me. The college has been fantastic at supporting me with achieving my potential."

Jordan Garraway

Level 2

Accounting Apprenticeship

"It was easy to relate college work into my daily job which has enabled me to gain a great knowledge of how Nationwide operates. "

James Dell


Computing and Systems Development

"The Lecturers at Swindon College know their subject areas really well and I was able to contact them outside of our allocated lesson time."

Sapna Dosa

Level 4

Foundation Degree in Business, Management and Communications

"Once I complete my degree I’d like to look into a leadership or managerial role."

Leah Scaife

Level 3

Business Level 3 90 Credit Diploma

"I started AS Business at 6th form but soon found I was treated as if I was still attending school. At Swindon College, I like that I am treated as an adult and am trusted to work independently"

Oluwa Abiade

Level 3

BTEC 90 Credit Diploma in IT

"I feel I can focus more on work and have a feeling of purpose at Swindon College; I am here to achieve the qualifications so I can move on to bigger things."

Anish Thapa

Level 4

BA in Business, Management and Communications

"I’m really enjoying my course due to the support I receive from my lecturers and the resources available."

Elisabetta Angioni

Level 4

AAT Level 4 Accounting

"I have been in my role for over 10 years and with the AAT qualification I am confident that this will open doors to promotion and other job prospects."