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Elisabetta Angioni

Level 4 - AAT Level 4 Accounting


Elisabetta is a mature student studying on the Level 4 AAT Accounting and Finance course. She chose to enrol at Swindon College to gain further knowledge and qualifications to support her role as a credit control manager, she explains:

I wanted more understanding of the finance and accounting side of my role and I want to be able to support my team which is why I picked this course. I chose Swindon College because firstly it offered the course I wanted and secondly it’s close to home allowing me to work, study and be near to my family.

The course itself is great, it can be challenging at times but I get help and support from my tutors.

After completing her the AAT course Elisabetta will continue within her role but she looks forward to new opportunities that may arise.

I have been in my role for over 10 years and with the AAT qualification under my belt I am confident that this will open doors to promotion and other job prospects.