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Early Years

Early Years is a dynamic and vitally important sector which needs high quality staff at all levels. Those who work in it play a crucial role in shaping and inspiring the lives of future generations. It is a career option that you can rightly be very proud of.

Over 2.7 million people work in the Childcare/Early Years industry and there are over 105,000 providers of childcare and early years education in the UK. Contrary to what some might think, it is a gender equality sector - many males work in the industry.


Dan Murphy

Level 3

Diploma in Early Years

"The college and my course is great. I’d definitely recommend it. Not only are the tutors really helpful but the library and computer facilities are great."

Jessica Williams

Level 2

Childcare Apprenticeship

"I attended my lessons in the evening. If others are nervous about being in crowds, they should consider going to college in the evening like I did."

Amy Alder

BA (Hons)

Early Childhood Studies

"I felt comfortable studying at Swindon College so I was really happy I had the opportunity to stay on and study at university level. "

Hollie Fidler

Level 4

Foundation Degree in Early Years

"When I left school I visited a few local colleges and found Swindon College was the most knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the Level 3 course"

Poonam Manocha

Level 3

Early Years Apprentice

"The learning at college is very practical and visual, and the staff will clarify anything that we don’t understand"