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Jessica Williams

Level 2 - Childcare Apprenticeship

Jessica Williams

Jessica, 22, always wanted to do childcare as she has a real connection with children and helped looked after several when she was growing up.

She found the apprenticeship online after she was already employed by Poppies nursery, which is near the centre of Swindon.

Jessica attended the college for her course between January 2015 and May 2016 and is very positive about her experience.

Jessica explains:

Swindon College has been really supportive. I had some personal problems whilst I was doing the course and they allowed me to have more time to do my assignments. The tutors were always very encouraging and even when things went a bit wrong sometimes, they were appreciative of my ideas. They believed in me.

She adds:

I would definitely recommend this college and the fact that it’s so central is great. I attended my lessons in the evening, which was perfect for me. If other people are nervous about being in crowds, they should consider going to college in the evening like I did.