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Poonam Manocha

Poonam recently completed the Level 3 Early Years Apprenticeship. Before starting the Apprenticeship, Poonam had been working at the school for a year and prior to this she worked as a teacher in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Poonam says:

Some of my colleagues were doing the Apprenticeship, so I asked my employer if I could enrol as I wanted to learn more about the policies and procedures of childcare in the UK. The learning at college is very practical and visual, and the staff will clarify anything that we don’t understand.

My main concern is the happiness of the children I work with. We provide activities according to the children’s interests and needs. At the pre-school, we’re preparing the children to have a little bit more independence before they start school full time.

Once Poonam completes the Apprenticeship, she hopes to stay on with her current employer.

Poonam’s Manager, Gena added:

It’s a privilege to work with Poonam, she guides other staff and even me. She is fantastic.