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Helen Iles

Level 2 - EAL Diploma in Engineering and Technology



Helen had looked for engineering courses in the area but this was the only one on offer which would help her in her career choices.  Helen is interested in joining the Army (REME) or possibly go into bio-engineering, which is the application of engineering techniques and innovative technology to solve real world complex biological and medical problems


Helen said,

I am really enjoying the course, and like the drawings and electrical side best as this draws out the artistic, creative elements.  I do photography as a hobby at the weekends, and feel this is complemented by the opportunity to be creative.


As she is in year one of a two year course, Helen plans to continue her studies after which she hopes to do a Level 3 apprenticeship.  She is pleased that she has found this course because it is helping her to gain more information in more detail and depth, and it is local to her.


I would recommend the college to friends and family because it will help them to gain more knowledge in the subject area and give a good grounding.  The workshop experience is very valuable.