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Sarah Matthews Case Study - Level 4 - HNC Civil Engineering

I’ve always had an interest in buildings but wasn’t sure what I could do with it, so I ended up studying Fine Art upon leaving school. When my son went off to university, I took the opportunity to do something for myself and enrolled on the HNC Civil Engineering course. Initially I was nervous about the maths and physics side of the course, as were many other class members, but it has actually been absolutely fine.
The tutors are very supportive and have dispelled any fears we’ve had. They have a lot of experience from the industry, so they are able to bring us up-to-date information as to what we may find whilst working in Engineering.
The course has been better than I had expected and the facilities are great here. It’s a very comfortable environment to study in. I’d love to work in the industry once my course is finished and get some more experience in order to find an area of interest in the broad engineering field.