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Simon Hitchcox

Level 3 - Electrical Apprentice

Simon Hitchcox Case Study - Level 3 - Electrical Apprentice
Simon, 35, has been chosen as the Electrical Apprentice of the Year by Matt Musella.
After finishing his GCSEs, Simon started his own car valeting business. However, after a few years and with growing competition Simon decided it was time for a change. He was offered a job as an electrical labourer, which he did for eight years. Then at the age of 30, Simon was offered a position with his current employer, Witney Electrical; who were so impressed with his commitment they agreed to support him through an Apprenticeship. Simon says:

I had been working in the sector for eight years and in many cases I had more advanced skills than colleagues on higher wages, due to their professional qualifications. I’ve enjoyed meeting people with different backgrounds, both at work and at college. Kevin Brown my tutor is excellent; I’ve never had a teacher that made learning so easy and enjoyable.
Simon’s short-term plan is to achieve approved electrician status and, longer term, Simon hopes to explore possibilities in management or design aspects of the job, and maybe look to study at degree level.