Molly Buckingham

Level 3 - National Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Analytical and Forensic Science)



Molly decided to come to Swindon College on the recommendation of her siblings.  She’d always liked science so decided to do something that interested her to see where it would lead.   Molly won Student of the Year in 2017 for her subject area, proving that when you find something you really enjoy, you will excel at it.


Molly said

My tutors were all very helpful and made the subject very interesting and also recommended to me that I should apply for the role I am currently doing at STERIS. 


Molly is a junior laboratory technician, which means that she is receiving on the job training, constantly learning and gaining experience in all the areas of the laboratories that STERIS use. 


She said,

This is a role where there are options for progression, from junior through to senior laboratory technician, so there are lots of areas to learn about.


Having had a short gap between leaving college and starting this role meant that Molly could focus on what it was she wanted to do for her career choice.


My advice to others would be to reflect on what you really want to do rather than feel you should do, don’t feel pressured into doing something immediately if it doesn’t feel right. 


After having a positive experience at the college, with being able to use the LDC for research and knowing that it is a positive and diverse environment, she would recommend it to others to start their route to their career choice as there are so many options to choose from.