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Charlie Black

Vocational Studies - Foundation Learning

Charlie Black

Charlie, 17 is close to finishing his one year Vocational Studies course at Swindon College. Vocational Studies is a course which allows students to explore all subject areas. Charlie was unsure what to do once he left secondary school when he enrolled onto the course to see different options to try.
Charlie explains:

I thought I’d try the Vocational Studies course. I do lots of different things such as caring for others, countryside skills, arts and crafts, ICT, cooking and English and Maths. I really enjoy ICT as I use IT a lot to create and edit rap music. The lessons are a good laugh, the tutors are all friendly and welcoming.

Charlie is passionate about music and uses past experiences as inspiration for his raps. He has recently created a rap about bullying and the effects it has on those who are being bullied.

After completing his course Charlie plans to continue rapping as a hobby but would like to enrol onto the Building Craft Occupations course at Swindon College.