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There are an estimated 45,000 hair salons in the UK. Employment levels remain steady and training and qualifications are important to the success of the industry. Therefore, suitably qualified staff are increasingly sought by employers.

The Hairdressing industry is highly dependent on regular, repeat business from satisfied customers. This means communication and customer service skills are very important too.

Sarah Smith

Level 2

Hairdressing Apprenticeship

"This course has definitely improved my confidence and I now find it easier to talk to people in person and on the phone."

Jennifer Cavanagh

Level 3

Level 3 Hairdressing

"Using the skills and techniques I have learned through Level 1 and 2 has allowed me to work independently on client’s hair but I know if I need help from my tutors they happy to help."

Josh Hilton

Level 3

Hairdressing Apprenticeship

"I decided to pick an Apprenticeship as I wanted to learn a practical trade and I had always been quite creative. I knew that I would be able to earn a wage whilst I was learning new skills..."

Chloe Ewin

Level 3

Hairdressing Apprenticeship

"I preferred the learning style of the Apprenticeship as I was able to gain experience in the workplace; I have been able to build up my own list of clients whilst studying."