Walusha Calaco

Level 2 - Pathway to Care Professions



Walusha chose to come to Swindon College as we offered the kind of course she was looking for, which would offer what she needed for her chosen career. 


She said,

I had started with computing courses but really wanted to do a caring professions course, and I couldn’t do both.  This course offers me exactly what I was looking for.


Walusha lives near to the college so it is easy for her to get to and she is able to fit work around her timetable.  After completing this course, Walusha says she hopes to go on to university or even stay at Swindon College to do a degree. 


When asked if she would recommend the college she said,

Yes!  Because, if you already live in Swindon, you don’t have to go away to university so it keeps the living costs down.  There is a wide variety of courses on offer and work placements have been offered to me as part of my course.