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Health and Social Care

The Health and Social Care sector covers a variety of services across a range of organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors. There are around 8,500 people employed in health/social work/care in Swindon and around 20,000 in Wiltshire, with a wide variety and level of jobs and careers available. 

The Health and Care sector is one of the UK’s largest employers with two million currently working across the country (and making up 13% of the South West's work force) and employment numbers are predicted to continue to grow steadily.

Care work and education-related professions are predicted to be some of the key growth areas for the economy. Careers in this field can be highly rewarding in terms of job satisfaction and employers vary from very large hospitals to smaller private practices and employers. Rising standards and increasing regulations mean staff are expected to gain skills and qualifications.


Corinna Davidson

Foundation Degree

Health and Social Care

"We all get really good support from our tutors, they are all approachable and as we’re only in college once a week, I know I can email them."

Level 2 Health and Social Care

Level 2

Health and Social Care

"The tutors have totally supported me throughout the levels and when I had a short break to have my daughter."