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Laura Berry

Level 3 - Sport



Laura initially took up four A Levels at the Ridgeway School’s 6th Form but found that only one was particularly relevant to what she was thinking about doing as a career.  She transferred to Swindon College to do the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport as this encompassed a Level 2 Leadership Award. 


This qualification will be the equivalent to the A levels in terms of UCAS points but is much more relevant to what her career aims are and she will come out with a professional qualification.  Laura is unsure at the moment on her final career choice but it will be related to personal training, physio or sports science and this qualification can give her the ability to take her studies further or go straight into a role.


Laura is finding the course, tutors and facilities are meeting her expectations and she particularly likes sports nutrition with Gareth (Bevan) and doing fitness client consultations.  She also enjoys participating with peers to do practical sessions, and likes having facilities such as the gym and the use of the Oasis across the road.


Laura says,

The benefit of the course being on 3 days a week means I have time to do my job as a lifeguard at the local pool and I can also run voluntary swim sessions when I have time.

I would definitely recommend the college to other people because there is more freedom, you still have to do assignments by a deadline but you can work towards them at your own pace.  The on-site gym is well equipped and facilities are good. 

Also, in comparison to where I had previously studied, the food options for vegetarians are much better!  The teachers are good and the course options were just what I was looking for.