Julianne Smedley

Foundation Degree - Education



Julianne chose Swindon College for its location, as it meant she was able to study and get a degree near to home and work.  She says the tutors are great, really supportive and encouraging. 


As a busy working mum of two, Julianne said,

I didn't think I was going to be able to do a degree.  I always doubted my ability until I spoke to Tracey Canham.  When she told me that I was more than capable of doing it that was it, decision made!  At times it has been hard juggling work, home life and studying but I am determined that I will do this. Then just when I think I have the balance right I decide to train for a marathon.  I think I thrive on challenges.


All the lectures for the full time degree are on one day so it doesn't interfere with work commitments too much.  Her family has been very supportive and understand when mum needs to get some studying done and her husband does most of the cooking now!


Julianne plans to continue to the BA (Hons) top up next year.