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Hannah Lawrie

Level 3 - Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprenticeship

Hannah Lawrie

Having been in the nursing profession in the past, 29 year old Hannah decided to come to Swindon College to do an apprenticeship in Supporting Teaching and Learning as she found it to be much more supportive than previous trials in further education elsewhere.

She had already started to work at St Francis C of E Primary School in North Swindon when she began the two year course at the college.

Level 1 was the first course and then Hannah decided to do level 2 as well, where she studied at the college site one evening a week.

Hannah said:

I haven’t looked back since I started at Swindon College. I always recommend it over anywhere else as I can’t fault the tutors due to their amazing support. It wasn’t until I was at Swindon College when I found out I might be dyslexic and that was thanks to my NVQ accessor who picked up the signs. I now have advice on how to study and am offered much more support. I feel listened to.
The fact that I did an evening course meant that my college life fitted around my personal commitments to my job and three children.

Hannah has now just completed the first year of a foundation degree in Educational Practice. She wants to go on and do a BA and a PGCE in order to become a teacher.