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Teaching and Education

Shaun Preen

Level 5

Support for Learning Foundation Degree

"The course at Swindon College has been brilliant. The facilities and resources are good and the expertise of the lecturers is spot on. "

Hannah Lawrie

Level 3

Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprenticeship

"I haven’t looked back since I started - I always recommend it over anywhere else as I can’t fault the tutors due to their amazing support."

Andrew Hughes

Level 4

Foundation Degree in Support for Learning

"On completion of my Foundation Degree I’d like to get a role as a Teaching Assistant to gain more experience."

Hannah Turner

Level 5

Diploma Education and Training (DET)

"The course is great I have previously completed a Masters and this level 5 course is equally challenging but great fun."

Laura Scarborough

Level 7


"The fact Swindon College holds an Outstanding rating from Ofsted, was the decider for me and it worked out with my family life."