Your courses:

There are 38 computers for independent study in the LDC.

All learners are given a print allocation of 1,000 credits (£10). Once you've used up your allocation, you can buy additional credits at the support desk in the LDC.

Please remember that the LDC computers are monitored at all times and that as a member of the college community, you have agreed to abide by the computer code of conduct, to use computers responsibly.

The electronic resources, e-books, journals and databases you can access as part of your studies, are provided under licence agreements. They are only to be used for study purposes, for the length of your course. Use for commercial purposes is not allowed. Substantial downloading from an e-book, journal or database is banned by the publisher.

Copy and Print

This section explains the printing charges and restrictions on printers and photocopiers. Charges are set so they are reasonable and affordable to everyone. These charges apply to all users.

Services available on each photocopier

• Printing
• Photocopying
• Scanning
• Various finishing such as hole punch/stapling

Access to printers

Full time students will be issued with a swipe card to log them into the photocopiers. All users can also log in to the photocopiers with their regular username and password using the touch screen. Students are given an allowance for the year then will have to pay for extra credits via the LDC desk once the allocation has been used up.
If a swipe card is lost a replacement will be issued for a cost of £5. Printing can be collected from ANY photocopier across the campus.

Printing Costs

  • A4 Black and White 2p per side
  • A4 Colour 6p per side
  • A3 Black and White 8p per side
  • A3 Colour 16p per side

Printing allowances

Each student is given a printing allowance at the start of the year to the value of £10.

Printing restrictions

• Only 20 copies can be printed at one time
• A maximum of 100 sheets per job
• Photocopiers should not be used by staff for personal use. 

Any requirements over this should be printed via the print room