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'Maks' Graur Charity art project

31 October 2017

Swindon College student and graphic designer Maximilian 'Maks' Graur travelled to Moldova during the summer break to stage a 'joint exhibition' and finish one of his charity projects called 'Draw for Dogs'.

Max and his friend Lucia Codreanu collected 100 works from 20 local artists to exhibit in an old museum to help promote and encourage the local art community, which also included an art workshop where visitors were able to paint portraits of each other using the materials provided.

The exhibition was attended by people of various nationalities and all ages, from teenagers to families with children and grandchildren.

There are few opportunities to be able to do this with the lack of galleries in Moldova who show the work of young artists.  Not only did the exhibition highlight the work of the young artists, but also the fact that Max and Lucia did this for free as volunteering is not a traditional activity in Moldova, according to David Jarmul who is a Peace Corps volunteer in his review of the exhibition, which you can read on his blog:

The first exhibition took place during 2-3 of September 2017 in an abandoned museum located in Chisinau, Moldova through the help of his friends in the non-profit organisation 'Zpatiu'.

For the charity project mentioned earlier, during the summer of 2017 Max created free portraits of anyone who sent him a photo on e-mail. The receiver was able to donate money to a fundraiser page afterwards. He ended up drawing more than 100 portraits for people from all around the world, including UK and USA. You can see the portrait gallery on his website at

£200 in donations were transferred towards two dog shelters: 'Friends of Moldavian Strays' Dog Shelter in Moldova and Dogs Trust in the UK.  People who received a portrait in pencil were able to get the original artwork for free at the exhibition. Max plans to turn this project into a tradition every summer.

And more importantly – he made his mother proud!



Some pictures from the event:

An article in english by an American volunteer who visited the exhibition:

Another article, though in Russian, but with a nice choice of work examples:

Молодой художник из Молдовы, студент английского вуза, Максимилиан Граур всё лето ...


Draw for Dogs 

During the Summer of 2017 I did free portraits of anyone who sent me a photo on email. The receiver was able to donate money to a fundraiser page afterwards.
£200 in donations were transferred towards two dog shelters, including one in the UK which is Dogs Trust.

More details on my web page, including links to other articles:

Photos taken at the 'Areal Moldavian Stray Dog Rescue' shelter in Moldova (including some rather beautiful words in English about the project):

Yesterday, dear guests visited the shelter, Maks Graur and Doina Moraru. Maks, a talented designer and artist, painted over 100 portraits, he shared the proceeds between the "Live" shelter and Dogs...