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Swindon College Lecturer’s Expertise called upon by South African University

05 September 2017

Nicky Ackland-Snow, lecturer in Graphic Design at the School of Art, Swindon College, has been invited to act as International External Evaluator joining a panel review for the North West University in South Africa.  The University is in Potchefstroom which is roughly 100km from Johannesburg.

Nicky was contacted by the course leader of the Graphic Design Degree programme, having seen her artwork. The evaluation will be conducted by professors and university professionals.

Nicky will be providing advice based on both her educational and industry experience as an illustrator/designer, in order to diversify the university approach to the delivery of their courses to enable the broadening of student development.  Nicky will also spend a day with the students, showing her portfolio of work and giving a workshop of activities for them to participate in.

Nicky hopes that by forging links with the South African university community, we can start to build upon this relationship with our own art students by establishing links between the two organisations.