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Swindon College Student participating in the London Marathon

13 April 2018

As a busy working mum of two, Julianne says:  “I didn't think I was going to be able to do a degree.  I always doubted my ability until I spoke to programme leader Tracey Canham.  When she told me that I was more than capable of doing it that was it, decision made! At times it has been hard juggling work, home life and studying but I am determined that I will do this. Then just when I think I have the balance right I decide to train for a marathon.  I think I thrive on challenges.”  

It has always been at the back of Julianne’s mind to do a Marathon.  She has been running for about 4-5 years and has taken part in some of the obstacle/mud races, then moved on to half marathon.  Julianne is now training for The London Marathon.  Having already done both the old and new routes of Swindon half marathon, which have very challenging hilly routes, Julianne is hoping London will be more level.  She applied on the ballot system in the previous two years but didn’t get a place.  However, Julian has been involved with a charity called “Doing it for Dan” which supports young sports people who can’t get funding with the aim of going to the Olympics.  They offered Julianne a place as Dan was a student where she works at Bridlewood Primary. Dan’s parents set up the charity after he was killed in an accident with a road sweeper.

Julianne has raised over £1600 so far and has hit her target but would like to raise as much as possible for this charity.  If you would like to support her please click here to go to her fundraising page

Training is going well and is on target.  Julianne also works, has two teenage children and is studying on the Foundation Degree … and now training for a marathon on top!  She says the family is all going to London to support her for this one. Julianne says her target is to finish under 5 hours, if she can do this she will be ecstatic!

Julianne chose Swindon College for its location, as it meant she was able to study and get a degree near to home and work.  She says the tutors are great, really supportive and encouraging.  All the lectures for the full time degree are on one day so it doesn't interfere with work commitments too much.  Her family has been very supportive and understand when mum needs to get some studying done and her husband does most of the cooking now!

Julianne plans to continue to the BA (Hons) top up next year.


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