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Awards for Staff after Student Satisfaction Soars

01 February 2018

Swindon College’s Caring Professions and Educational Practice Team wins awards!

Staff responsible for delivery of three courses in the Caring Professions and Educational Practice Team were recently presented with awards by Oxford Brookes University for their fantastic achievements of 100% and 90% or over student satisfaction in the NSS (National Student Survey).  Dawn Lucas, Head of Learning for Caring Professions and Education Practice said: “we are delighted that our students are having a positive experience with us and that this award recognises the high quality of teaching, commitment and dedication of the teaching team.”


Angela Batner, programme leader for Foundation Degree Early Years achieved 100%, whilst Tracey Canham, Foundation Degree Educational Practice and David Panes, Foundation Degree Health and Social care both scored 90% and above overall satisfaction.

The National Student Survey, which has been operating since 2005, asks final year students at all publicly funded Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) how satisfied they are with the teaching on their course, learning opportunities, assessment and feedback plus questions about the learning environment, resources and community.

The national benchmark is 84.63% and so these achievements show the dedication of the staff to ensure that the students on those courses, which are usually over 2 years, are happy with the course, and the college as a whole as the facilities and resources are also considered.  The feedback received will help future students make the right choice about where and what to study.  The results are publicly available and published annually on the Unistats website (