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Adult Counselling College Courses


Counselling Courses for those looking for a professional qualification to further their career.

Do you want to have a positive impact on the lives of others? If you have an empathetic nature and enjoy helping people with their problems, then counselling may be the ideal career route for you.
Counsellors work in confidential settings and listen carefully and respectfully to their clients. There are different fields of counselling such as addiction, health, relationship guidance and sexual abuse.
We offer accredited courses that will help you to build the skills you need to become a professional Counsellor.
Course Title Course Code Length Study Type Start Date
Certificate in Counselling Skills HFP2020 1 weeks per year Part Time 01 Aug 2018
Introduction to Counselling (CPEP) HCTX070 6 weeks per year Part Time 28 Feb 2019
Introduction to Counselling (CPEP) HCTX050 6 weeks per year Part Time 08 Nov 2018
Introduction to Counselling (CPEP) HCTX060 6 weeks per year Part Time 10 Jan 2019