Your courses:

Swindon College Student Council and Course reps.

Student council

The Student Council is an influential body made up of elected members of the student community who meet monthly to serve the interests of students at college, by working with staff and student reps.

Course teams

All full-time and many part-time courses have a course team, made up of all tutors who teach on the course plus student representatives. The team meets regularly to make sure the course runs smoothly and to review course quality.
Any issues can be discussed with your student representative or directly with your personal tutor.

Course reps

A Course Rep is the voice for all students studying on a particular course. Student representation gives you, as students, the opportunity to influence things going on in college.

The course rep system:

  • Collects your views about college life
  • Allows staff, students, reps and the Student Council to work together to improve the quality of the total student experience.
  • Provides reps with skills to improve aspects of their personal/professional life.
  • Gets changes made that benefit you and your fellow students.
  • Ensures the quality of your course remains high and consistent with those of other colleges.
  • Student meetings and surveys

To find out more, please speak to your personal tutor.