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As a student there will equipment costs attached to your course. You may have applied for financial support to help with these costs. Any bursary money agreed will be paid direct to the department to pay for your equipment. You may not of been awarded 100% of your equipment costs, in which case you will need to pay the difference to the college.

How do I pay the remaining balance for my equipment costs?

To pay your outstanding balance for equipment costs, please come into The Student Information Zone (located in the pheonix building). You can pay by cash, cheque (made payable to Swindon College) or credit / debit card. No equipment can be ordered until you have paid any outstanding balance.

How will I know how much to pay?

You will receive an offer of support from The Student Finance Team, this will detail how much you will need to pay. There will also be a bursary agreement enclosed with this. You will need to bring a signed copy of this agreement along with your payment to The Student Information Zone. Where a student is under 18 this agreement will need to be signed by a parent / carer. We will need this in order to release the bursary money.

When should I pay my equipment costs?

Equipment costs cannot be paid until the student has enroled.

If you have applied for support during the summer holiday and receive an offer of support before you start, you can pay the balance after you have completed your enrolment. You will have four weeks from your enrolment date to pay the balance outstanding.

If your offer of financial support comes through after the start of your course you will have four weeks from the date of your letter to pay the balance outstanding.

How much support will I receive from student finance?

The amount of support you receive will depend on your circumstances. We look at your course, your financial circumstances and your distance from college to determine what support we can offer. For more information on our bursaries please read the student finance section in full.

How do I enrol?

You will be invited to enrol at Swindon College in August.

What if I cannot pay the outstanding balance in one payment?

You will need to contact The Student Information Zone within the four week time frame to make other arrangements.